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Wanna Sunbathing ? / STORY 01 - Cheap Pattaya Trip in Jul 2016 / The First Part

What? Do you want to get sunburned?
 It was when my couple spoke while recalling various events during the trip, returning from Australia's Gold Coast trip.
Mario:"Even so, Kira Beach was nice."
Mickey:"Well ... I want to go again."
Mario:"The weather was not good in the first half, so I could not sunburn so much."
Mickey:"Really, it is a shame that I can not get sunburned ... Haa ~ ,,, There are still 4 months to go until the next Vietnamese Phu Quoc Island trip in September.
Mario:"Well, since I have time to do so, I think that I can write travel stories slowly.
Mickey:"Yes, but it's far" ...
Mario:"No, far away, have you just come home yet?"
Mickey:"But July is summer, is not it?"
Mario:"Yeah, it's summer,"
Mickey:"September is autumn is not it?"
Mario:"that's right?"
Mickey:"Something, is it a cheap travel so you do not want to go somewhere in a hot country and get sunburn?"
Mario:"Huh? Is it related to July or September?"
Mickey:"Hey, are there any cheap travel destinations that I can go for in July's holidays? It is cheap as a domestic trip."
Mickey:"Why do not you try looking at Expedia a bit?"
, ,, With that kind of feeling, I'd like to go for a momentary trip and a good search for a trip began. Although I did not feel like going much at this time yet, I decided to search various places using a weekend where I canceled the national holiday feels like it might be cheap. If it is only for looking, it's free so feel free to go.
Places that can be cheap and tanned
 It is a place where sunburn can be cheaply suppressed, it becomes "Southeast Asia". When we have a consecutive holiday in July, the popular places nearby such as Guam come with children's summer vacation and the ticket fee is high anyway.
 , Candidate sites will be narrowed down to around Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines, but it costs around $ 360 to $ 450 round trip everywhere using LCC. (The cheapest tickets are the worst in transit and it takes more than 24 hours to move)
 I could not find the trip of the price that I thought to jump unintentionally.
Almost determined at Cebu Island in the Philippines?
 The only "Cebu Island of the Philippines" comes out from 540 dollars to 630 dollars at the hotel fee + airplane fee. This is the cheapest going.
Mario:"Even at the cheapest Cebu Island this time will cost around $ 540 to $ 630."
Mickey:"Well, I'm planning to cost $ 180 to $ 270 per person, so if I go to a domestic hot spring trip, it costs between $ 180 and $ 270 per night, which is like that."
Mario:"Well, it will be two days and one nights, is not it going to be as high as 4 days after three nights?"
Mickey:"I wish I could go on par with the price of domestic trips ... well, it will definitely increase in price when I get 3 nights, then, is it about 450 dollars?"
 I wonder if it is Cebu if it goes, but it is still expensive, but I still worry. Airline is "Philippine Air". Although it is a flagship carrier in the Philippines, he is not affiliated with the alliance anywhere.
 In order to cross the island of Cebu, it is not possible to go through Manila, but it is a bit tedious itinerary that the connection is bad and it is stopped for about 8 hours in Manila.
 Besides, Cebu is a cheap hotel and there is almost no place to go along the beach, but even if there is it, it is worn out and it is the worst word of mouth, the tension drops as well.
 "It is slightly higher than the budget, but I want to go from $ 540 to $ 630, so I want to go there!", Something like something that pushes back on something is missing.
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