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  1. You can reach your dream trip to Hawaii!

You can reach your dream trip to Hawaii!

Hawaii Deals Local Information

 A longed-for trip to Hawaii that everyone wants to go once. But if you apply for a tour normally, the budget will be 200,000 yen to 300,000 yen per person.

 However, if you know the various deals and tricks that Major Trip secretly tells you, it's not a dream to go on a cheap trip to Hawaii with your family during the year-end and New Year holidays or Golden Week!

 Morio and Mizuki use discount tickets to go on ultra-discount trips to Hawaii many times a year, so we'll also deliver the latest local Hawaii information at that time.

  • What is the cheapest airport transfer in Hawaii?
  • Should you go to a luau show?
  • What is a sunset cruise tour like?
  • How to get to the Farmer's Market?
  • I want to go to Kailua Beach, which has become the number one in the United States!
  • How to save money on food in Hawaii

If you know about it, you will enjoy Hawaii many times more.