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MeasureTrip writer: Mickey(Mizuki)
 The personality is rough and super dirty. I am constantly injured or missing.
  Age is 50 years old. I live in Kyoto with a nervous, cautious husband Mario and two small dogs.
  The two sons are adult (23 years old and 26 years old), and they live independently.
 Although I am not good at English, I do not keep conversation, but only the spirit of challenge is vigorous, responding with body language of gesture hand gesture at traveling destination, it does not move on any trouble. I love the word "profit"! While making full use of various advantageous techniques, I saved miles and went on award trips, and suddenly came up to go on a cheap tour. Recently, I woke up to cheap overseas trips using cheap tickets, find cheap tickets and go overseas trips on weekends and national holidays.
 My future dream is to visit the Christmas market in Europe, go to see Santa Claus in Northern Europe, see flamingos in Africa, go to see the penguins in Antarctica and play with Kangaroos in the Australian lucky bay "Taking a Disney Cruise" Pretty much me? (Meehaa is a dead word? · Sweat) It is unknown when any of these can be realized because time and money are going to cost too much. Someday I want to write a travel note by seeing the opportunity.
MeasureTrip Writer: Mario(Morio)
 Age 41 years old. Character is fine and worryful. Pretty cautious, I'd like to make arrangements for hotels and air tickets surely before traveling. Some English conversation is OK. Daily cooking charge. He is also in charge of making MeasureTrip movies and music. I often lose my physical condition on my journey and I want to become a bit more sturdy. Recently Mizuki finds cheap tickets to increase the chances of traveling here and there, so I am being kept by the management of the trip.
 Currently planned trips are Hawaii in February 2018, Guam (March discontinued) in March 2018, Malaysia in May 2018, Hawaii in July 2018, September 2018 in Australia.
 Future dreams are "vacation in the desert" "go to Uyuni salt lake in Bolivia in South America" ​​"go around Hawaiian islands with Hawaiian cruises" "vacation in the Caribbean" "vacation rent visit Malta Island" vacation in vacation homes in Hawaii "Looking at Aurora" Compared to Mizuki, it is a feeling that there are lots of leisurely activities in a vacation. As money seems to take considerable also here, it is unknown when it can be realized.
Measuretrip · Image clip
 About airline information and airport information essential to travel, how to accumulate a lot of mileage necessary for award travel, how to use the airport business lounge using cheap airline tickets, how to travel cheaply such as cruise travel etc. The travel portal site which spells various information is this "MEASURE TRIP - major trip". We will also post information that will be useful if you check before traveling, and deals for a limited time only.
 Although Mario and Mickey will actually notify you of purchase, deals that you care about, etc. at any time, we do not take responsibility for purchase. When purchasing something, please always check your notes and risks on your own, purchase and use.
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