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Pattaya in Thailand There is a video of the night city

from : MEASURETRIP:Thailand Pattaya
A city developed as a military recreation area
 Pattaya (Pattaya / Pattaya) is located in Bangkok about two hours south of the car. Originally developed as a resort for US military during the Vietnam War, the entertainment industry including the go-go bars flourished, many tourists visit for this even now. However, recently advanced luxury resort hotel brands also advanced, many beach visitors, such as families and tourists, visited many travelers, and the image as an ordinary tourist city has begun to take root.
from : MEASURETRIP:Thailand Pattaya
Night in Pattaya
 A totally different city in day and night, Pattaya. In the evening, colorful neon starts to lit, centering on the main street beach road and second street, and the south pedestrian area · walking street, Pattaya, a mysterious night city appears. The appearance of marques and ladies who touches down around the town appears, and the town has full of suspicious lively that was not in the daytime.
 However, it is confused by go-go bars and barbia light-up with neon, in fact, restaurants, convenience stores, ordinary Thai massage shops, etc. are also present, and it has quite a chaotic atmosphere.
 As for the security of the night, the police are sitting on the main street, and there are many passersby, so you can walk with confidence. I wrote the state of Walking Street around 11 o'clock in the movie, so if you are interested please check the video below.
from : MEASURETRIP:Thailand Pattaya
Traffic in Pattaya
 Pattaya's means of transportation is primarily a sort of taxi 'songeu. The price is roughly 10 THB. Stop waiting and wait for a customer, or stop running Sonteu, raise your hand and get on, get on and get off when you push down the buzzer around the top of the bench when you get off. When you get off, approve the driver's seat and pay the fee. Son Tau can catch easily around the beach road and the second road 24 hours, but if you return to luxury resort area such as Jomtien Beach, etc. in the middle of the night, negotiate the price and rent out It is necessary to have it sent by. In that case, it seems that the market price will be roughly 100 to 200 THB. Besides this, there are also motorcycle taxis and regular meter taxis besides this Son Tae.
from : MEASURETRIP:Thailand Pattaya
Beach in Pattaya
 Pattaya is often introduced as a beach resort, but the main beach has a narrow beach, the trash is rolling, the dog is sleeping, the water is also poor in transparency, and in some cases the waves are high Therefore, it is better not to expect on the beach. There seems to be a fee-based lending such as a water motorbike in the beach area, but it seems to be troublesome to say "I'm scratched" when returning, so I will play in the public beach area so much I can not recommend it.
Pattaya's Massage
 There are Thai massage shops in various places in the town of Pattaya. The price is almost the same everywhere, for example, Thai massage is 200 THB per hour etc. There are many cash only for payment, but some shops can use cards. In addition, when you become a spa in a little small fancy atmosphere or in a hotel, the price will roughly double to three times. The recommended menu is back & shoulder (menu with shoulder and waist).
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